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One Year Anniversary Fashion frame Event:








Fashion Frame Categories:

Fashion Frame Prize list:

      To start off our event, Carnage will be judging a TRIO  
     themed round

       What this means: Collaborate with two other people to  
     come up with matching/coordinating looks! Post in
     #fashion-frame with your friends if you plan on  
      participating in this round!

     Round 1: Dream Team  Collaborate with two or more
     members to dislay a team for example the ScoobyDoo or      Power puff girls


      Round 2: Chinese New Year

      Round 3: Greyscale No color

      Round 4: Cupid’s Touch Valentine’s Day inspired

      Round 5: Paladins

      Round 6: Cyberpunk

     Round 7:  Free-For-All  no tennogen

      Round 8:  Free-For-All  All allowed

     Tennogen is allowed unless otherwise specified. There will 
     be THREE judges for each round, so get creative, good luck 
     and most importantly, have fun!

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