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Welcome to the Iron Promise

We are a Warframe themed server, dedicated to making friends, and meeting new people! Including Monthly Events, Active Members, Prime and Platinum giveaways and more. Everybody above the age of 16 is welcome!

The Iron Promise Origins

The Iron promise was founded in Late 2017 by a small group of friends including Carnage (“Casper”), D4rkThefallen, Trivis and RiceTheLizard. Eventually through the growth of Warframe and the helpfulness of the founding members the clan grew from a small group to a large community which incurred the use of a discord server.
This discord server made in 2018 ,Initially used for raids, was repurposed as a social server still under the name of The Iron Promise included sections for games such as The Forest, Minecraft and World of Warcraft. As of writing the server has over 1100 members and counting.

Casper Philip
A.K.A.  Carnage
Founder of The Iron Promise

Click on the Discord image to open up our discord in your browser,
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Our One-Year Discord Anniversary








Next Fashion Frame Event








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Our Future Goals

Discord partner

Currently we have our sights set upon a discord partnership.

This will allow our community to gain access to benefits such as VIP voice servers which include high performance voice channels, the ability to set custom splash art to welcome new members and a custom link to boot. This will be  a milestone to show how far our community has come and how far it could go in the future.



Getting our Twitch streamers afiliated and partnered

Our community is currently the home of multiple twitch streamers

Some of which are affiliated and on the route to partnership. We as a community are proud of the streamers which is a big part of our community and play a supporting role making content and providing help to clanmates and other users that require it.

Growing our clans in other games

Warframe is not the only community our clan is a part of!

Our clan is spread between many different communities each with active players and its own mini – community, we would love it you could join them and eagerly await you doing so.

A full list of communities our clan is apart of is:

·         Warframe

·         World of Warcraft   

·         League of Legends  

·         Minecraft   

·         Paladins

·         Smite

·         The Forest   

·         Deceit


Featured Dojo in Warframe

 Our main goal for the dojo is to get it featured!

Thanks to Dhippi, Darkdranz and Nvaek who have been working hard on designs and the clan members who have been working to farm resources we have constructed many new rooms. However, we believe this is not enough yet, which is why were working on a Maze, Temple and a Town and you can help by donating resources.

Check out our dojo you will see a text display where you can donate the resources we need.
Resources needed:
Polymer bundles, Alloy plate, Plastids, Rubido and Circuits


				We are aware that some of these ambitions may never come true. 
       "Big results require big ambitions" - Heraclitus